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  • physical therapist glendale az

    I started physical therapy after my cervical spine surgery to help me get back to my normal self. After completing my sessions at Achieve Physical Therapy, I have become 100% myself. They knew exactly what I needed and got me back to 100%. Dave and his staff were the most amazing group I have ever worked with!


  • I had gone to Achieve Physical Therapy after a bad car accident I was in. I was referred to Dr. Dave by my son Ryan whom had excellent results under his care. I was in much pain in my neck and back which made it hard to concentrate on my job and life. During my therapy, I worked through my pain with a lot of therapy and exercise. I still have some minimal pain and soreness that I am working on. Dr. Dave offered me some exercises to take home to continue after physical therapy. Dr. Dave is a superb doctor and person who has a passion for his patients. Wanting all his costumers to leave healthy, happy, and feeling good again. His staff is awesome, very personal and caring people. I recommend Achieve to anyone who wants results!


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