Recent Testimonials

  • When I came in I could not stand up straight or even walk without excruciating pain. I was also unable to rollover in bed. All I could do was lay in a recliner to get pain relief from sever sciatica. I am now able to go back to all my activities including yoga classes and walking my dog several miles a day. Also, I am back to housework and yard work!!


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    I had extensive lower back pain as well as pain extending into hamstrings. Dave’s use of the foam roller helped me isolate the source of the soft tissue issues. The exercises, resistance work and stretching helped reducing the discomfort extensively. Dave offered some great options that I could take outside the facility. The re-education and in-house coaching and practice were just what I needed. Everyone at Achieve were positive and helpful.


  • Jillian is an 11 year old girl who sustained a back sprain and whiplash following a motor vehicle accident. We sought treatment with Dave Hawkins because we heard he was the best. His care and compassion for my daughter is unparalleled. He takes time to explain the bio mechanics to movement and rationalized the information in an age appropriate manner. She began to improve dramatically, especially compared to her father who chose to seek chiropractic care for injuries sustained in the same accident. The at home exercises were customized for her betterment and helped streamline her treatment with everyday activities. We are extremely satisfied with her experience at Achieve Physical Therapy. I will recommend Dave Hawkins to anyone in need of physical therapy.


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