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  • physical therapist glendale az

    After wrist surgery – I found myself unable to do a lot of activities one would normally do – opening a door, opening a jar, hair curling, make-up, house cleaning. I came to Dave to regain function, strength and moblity. I was very worried about long term loss of use of my right hand.

    Within 2 months – my range of motion, strength and usage of my hand was nearly normal and I feel with the home exercises Dave gave me to do – I will probably be better than I was before.


  • physical therapist glendale az

    Before coming to Achieve, I had pain in my left shoulder. I was unable to fasten the seatbelt in the car with my left hand, I had trouble steering, and I was unable to put on clothes that fastened in the back or raise my left arm above my head.
    Dave and his crew have helped alleviate the pain and greatly increase my flexibility. I am now able to dress and do many activities without pain. My strength is also improving. You have also given me tools to work towards continued improvement.


  • physical therapist glendale az

    I came to Achieve with a very sore shoulder and arm. Dave and all the techs carefully worked with me to strengthen and rebuild my upper body so that I could sleep better and do all my daily tasks. I now feel stronger, stand taller, and have better posture. I also came to realize how some of my inactivity lead to the issues I had. I now hope to continue exercising to maintain my strength and mobility. Very positive place with great people.


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