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Low Back / Core Stabilization

Core stability and core strength are terms that are often used interchangeably when speaking about training the trunk musculature, whether in the rehab or performance settings. The fact is that they are quite different. Training for core stability requires resisting motion at the lumbar spine through activation of the abdominal musculature as a whole. Training for core strength allows for motions to occur through the lumbar spine in an attempt to work the abdominal musculature, often in an isolated fashion. I realize depending on the definition of “core” we could be discussing any number of muscle groups, but for our purpose we will focus on the abdominals, although it usually pulls in other muscles around your spine.

Core stabilization or core control as I like to refer to it is essential when it comes to producing results for individuals who suffer from low back pain.  You see, your spine was meant to move.  It flexes, extends, rotates, side-bends, and even combines those motions at times.  What your spine doesn’t like is shear force, where one spine segments moves on top of another creating shear.  When shear force occurs, patients and athletes are more likely to aggravate nerves and other soft tissue, creating inflammation in the space and thus creating pain.  Unless we can build core strength and then help patients learn to stabilize the spine by using their core musculature, then success may be limited.

This may not sound earth shattering but it can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to returning patients to their daily activities and athletes to sports. We believe that core strength and core stability is the way to go with treatment for patients and athletes.

So, where to start?

Many patients and athletes have poor body awareness and struggle to engage the abdominals voluntarily let alone reflexively at first. So the first step is to be properly evaluated to see if you have good core strength as well as good core stability. Once we have taken the patient or athlete through our screen, we can identify weakness in core strength or stability that will help us know which core strengthening or core stability exercises will help you the most.

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