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Achieve Physical Therapy Glendale, Arizona

Are you tired of dealing with pain? Is pain keeping you from enjoying your life? Our physical therapists would love the opportunity to help you in your recovery. Whether you are experiencing back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, hand pain, hip pain, knee pain, ankle pain, or foot pain, we can help!

At Achieve Physical Therapy in Glendale, Arizona, our first and foremost goal is to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Maybe you want to get back to playing golf, maybe you would just like to enjoy walking your dog again, maybe you want to stop hurting at work. Let our professional physical therapist staff help you get there. We understand what it is like when your ability to function is taken away by surgery, a traumatic event or a repetitive injury and we are here to guide you through the process to help you return to your desired level of activity!

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What Our Patients Say

Before coming here to Achieve I was really not using my left arm at all. These guys at Achieve took hold of me and worked me through what I needed to do to get everything working again and made it a really good experience. Good people, good fun, and good results. Thanks!


I had a total hip replacement. I had been struggling with hip and back pain. It was very difficult to stand for over 20-30 minutes without pain and my flexibility was really going- I couldn’t even tie my shoes on my left side. Because of this, I hadn’t exercised for years. With physical therapy, I

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When I started therapy, I had acute lower back pain attributed to a pinched nerve. In addition, the pain extended down my left leg and calf. As I progressed through the exercises, my pain diminished markedly and the stiffness in my legs and back permitted a greater range of motion. Now the pain is nearly

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I started physical therapy after my cervical spine surgery to help me get back to my normal self. After completing my sessions at Achieve Physical Therapy, I have become 100% myself. They knew exactly what I needed and got me back to 100%. Dave and his staff were the most amazing group I have ever

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I was recovering from a bunionectomy when I first came to Achieve Physical Therapy. My surgeon recommended some therapy since my foot was swollen. From the very first visit I had relief but that was not on Dave’s mind. He wanted me to be better. So after weeks of therapy, I have no limp and

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I was referred due to sudden T5-S1 herniated disc which occurred while exercising. I started physical therapy in hopes to reduce pain and strengthen my back and abdominals to prevent additional injury and resume functioning. When I started I was having pain while working. Upon my completion, I do not have pain while working, just

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When I came to Achieve my lower back had been hurting almost 6 months. I barely could bend to put sheets on my bed without the pain taking my breath away. I spent many restless nights with pain. I came to David and his crew for approximately 5 weeks; 2 days a week and I

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On my first visit I was having constant head and back pain with right shoulder pain. The right shoulder had been bothering me for a couple months prior to coming in and the headache and back pain was recent due to an automobile accident. I made progress over time and I do not have head,

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I started seeing Dave shortly after I fractured my ankle. I had to stop my regular exercise routine, could barely point my toe and had random sharp pains in my ankle. After just a few weeks with Dave I am pain free and back to my regular exercise routine!! I can’t thank Dave and his

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